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Contemporary design meets the warmth and heart of a traditional fireplace. Our Adena woodstacker creates a stylish focal point for your home, while its clean-burning performance ensures your family stays cosy throughout the winter.The woodstacker option eliminates the need for a separate wood basket.

Quality Steel Construction

Crafted in New Zealand, using locally-made steel to guarantee the highest levels of workmanship and quality. In our steel firebox fireplaces, we use 6mm-8mm steel, ensuring your fireplace will stand up to the hottest conditions, work more efficiently and last the distance.

Masport radiant wood burners include a 6-8mm steel cooktop to also allow for cooking and warming. Anything cooked on an electric or gas range can be also be cooked on a wood burner stove top. The area closest to the chimney is hottest, for example if you want to fry an egg, and by moving the pot further away you can obtain a gentler heat. Your wood burner to cook is fun, saves on electricity or gas use. The perfect option when there is no power.

Masport Adena WS

Heat Output 16.2kW  |  Efficiency Rating 60%
Emissions 1g/kg  |  Maximum Wood Size 290mm
Dimensions (mm) 481w x 1025h x 536d
Warranty 10-Year Limited Warranty

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