Hot Water

Jumping into the shower and having the hot water system break down as you are halfway through washing your hair is the worst, but it happens. For those we offer an emergency hot water replacement service so you can enjoy a nice hot shower before you can finish the best trilogy (The Lord of the Rings…extended edition). We have a great range of Hot Water solutions including Gas & Electric Storage, Instantaneous, Continuous Flow, Heat Pump & Solar (Panels & Evacuated Tube Systems), a range to suit any Melbourne home big or small and we will serve you with unwashed, cleaned or even half washed hair, that’s a Russell’s promise. Our knowledgeable staff and technicians are just a click, call or visit away so make us your first (or last) stop. 

Storage hot water
Available in both Gas or Electric Storage Hot Water is the tried and true option in hot water with a proven track record to suit most homes. Mains pressure hot water with various sized tanks available in both Enamel and/or Stainless Steel suitable for 2-7 person households. Storage hot water is a great option for emergency hot water changeovers and the storage tanks mean you will always have reserve hot water at the ready. We stock big brands like Aquamax, Rheem & Rinnai.

Instantaneous hot water
As the name suggests, Instantaneous hot water is…instant. Never run out of hot water again with these backpack-sized systems. Instantaneous systems range from 16L (Rinnai Infinity 16) all through 32L (Rinnai Infinity 32) with the most popular being the Rinnai Infinity 26. Our Instantaneous Hot Water range will suit any household with 6 (and 7 star) efficiency on-demand hot water.

Take full control of your hot water with wired and remote controllers for your bathrooms and kitchen.

Solar hot water
Maximise the free energy from the sun with cost-effective environmentally friendly solar hot water. Now available in Close-coupled, Flat Panel, and Evacuated Tube Systems.

As the name suggests, the Close-Coupled Solar Hot Water Systems require both the flat solar panel and 200L (or 300L) tank connected and on your roof.

Flat Panel Solar Hot Water Systems are similar to Close-Coupled Systems in that they both use flat panel solar technology but offers streamlined flexibility in having a detached Hot Water Storage Tank on the side of the house. The lack of weight on your roof also means no roof adjustments are required to reinforce the existing structure.

Evacuated Tube Hot Water Systems use sets of individual closed solar conducting tubes mounted to a frame where the water cycles through and gets heated up. The nature of the design not only gives you the benefit of elevate frost protection, but gives owners the ability to replace individually damaged tubes rather than replacing an entire panel. Like the Flat Panel Systems, the Hot Water Storage Tank is mounted on the ground rather than roof.

If insufficient heat is available, you can include a Gas or Electric booster which we recommend as standard for all Solar Hot Water Installations.

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