Opening the freezer every 10 minutes is not the only way of cooling yourself down this summer…well you can, or you can pop into your favourite store Russell’s Heating, Cooling & Hot Water to organise the supply and installation of your new cooling system! Our great range includes portable and fixed Split Systems, Add-On Cooling, Ducted Evaporative Cooling & Ducted Refrigerated Split Systems. So get cool the right way, and stay cool with your favourite beverage in hand. Our non-obligation quotes & in-store design team will make quick work of your supplied floor plan. No floorplan available? We can send out a technician measure and quote.

Split System Air Conditioning
Will it be hot or cold? Nobody knows because it’s Melbourne and Melbourne does Melbourne. Some will be surprised to know Split Systems have come a long way and are now a great and very efficient climate control solution for space heating & cooling. Split System Inverters have flexible installation options and do not take up any floor space, they are quiet the perfect combination for most homes. We have a great range of Split Systems, Multi-Head Split Systems & Ducted Refrigerated Split Systems. Play mother nature at the press of a button and now heat your home…away from home with WiFi-ready split systems.

Ducted Refrigeration Air Conditioning
They say the perfect home temperature is 22°C but Oscar Martinez says 19°C (66°F) will allow him to work at optimal efficiency. So, what is your pick? Whole home heating and cooling is at your fingertips today with Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning. Set your own temperatures, choose your own adventure. This system creates the perfect (and complete) climate-controlled home with heating on the coldest of days, and powerful (yet quiet operation) cooling to combat the peak of summer in Melbourne. Play mother nature at the press of a button and now control your home…away from home with WiFi-ready Ducted Refrigeration Reverse Cycle Systems.

Ducted Evaporative Cooling
So you love a stroll down to the local park to take in a bit of that sun and fresh air. Why stop there? Evaporative cooling is a great ducted cooling solution that is not only cost-effective to purchase, install and run (compared to refrigerated systems), but it also allows you to keep your windows and doors open to allow fresh water-cooled air to cycle through your home. Dinner party last night left the house smelling a bit stale? Evaporative coolers are also good at cleaning that up. Enjoy a gentle breeze at home while taking in fresh cool air great for allergy suffers & master chefs.

Family owned Russell’s has been the name locals have known and trusted for over 60 years spanning 3 generations, we are not your average box-moving retailer. Sales, installation, and planning we will manage your project from start to end and transform your home into a climate-controlled haven.