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The new 2020 Lopi Endeavor Freestanding Wood Fire is a beautiful workhorse that unites form and function into an unbeatable heat transfer system. This new model features the Endeavor’s classic step-top design for both radiant and natural convection heat with cook-top facility.

The firebox is designed to load large pieces of timber thanks to the deep design. Sit back and enjoy the fire burning through the impressive large glass viewing area with burn times up to 10 hours.

Enjoy peak efficiency of 74%

In addition, the by-pass damper feature helps aid you in lighting the fire faster and assists in preventing smoke-backs while starting and reloading.

This new design features a large ash pan adding even more practicality to this new model.

Lopi Endeavour

Heat Output 250sqm  |  Efficiency Rating 66%
Maximum Burn Time 10 Hours  |  Maximum Log Size 495mm
Emissions Rating 1.1g/kg
Warranty TBC

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