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Indoor Super Ray Infra Red Gas Heating. These heaters are ideal for large commercial applications such as churches, factories, halls, restaurants, schools, shops and warehouses.

Zone or broad heating can be achieved by positioning specified numbers or combinations of heaters at appropriate heights and locations.  Available in 16, 24, 40 and 48 mega joule input models.


Electronic Ignition –
WEA16, WEA24, WEA40 and WEA48
Manual Piezo Ignition – WMA16, WMA24, WMA40 and WMA48
Flexi Ray – WFA16, WFA24, WFA40 and WA48

Features :

  • All available in NG or LPG
  • Electronic ignition for ease of operation
  • Safety tip-over switch
  • Portable models available (Flexi Ray models)
  • Mounting brackets supplied with all heaters
  • Minimum mounting height above floor is 2.5 metres

Optional Extras:

  • Heat Shield , Deluxe Outer Casing, Burner Protector Grid & Ball Guard

Heating capacity (up to):

  • 16: 25m²
  • 24: 37m²
  • 40: 62m²
  • 48: 74m²