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The Rolls Royce of solar hot water systems’

By replacing an electric storage water heater with a Rinnai Prestige Solar Water Heater, you can potentially reduce electricity consumption, running costs and environmental impact of your water system by two-thirds.

The Flat Plate systems consist of a ground mounted storage tank that is installed separately to the collectors mounted on the roof.

Rinnai Prestige Range (Flat Plate Systems)

Features :

  • 250 or 315 litre capacity storage
  • Electric boost or continuous flow gas boost configurations
  • Minimal impact on the aesthetics of your roofline
  • No need to reinforce the roof structure
  • Excelsior collectors offering TiNOX technology
  • Frost protection kit available
  • 10 years warranty on tanks & 7 years on the collector

Models: System B, System C, System D, System E, System FM, System GM, System HM