Let’s be honest, there will only ever be a handful of certainties in this world. Juicy Orange wedges at halftime, making an “unexpected” $2.50 purchase (with Onion) on the weekend, and Gas Storage Hot Water Systems, the mains pressure “no frills” hot water system. The workhorse that keeps the hot water flowing through our taps and the image that pops into our heads when somebody mentions hot water systems. Russell’s Heating, Cooling & Hot Water stock a great range of high-efficient Gas Storage Hot Water systems to suit any home. Choose between enamel & stainless steel tanks for households anywhere between 1 to 7 people. Fantastic option for fast emergency and basic hot water changeovers.

Family owned Russell’s has been the name locals have known and trusted for over 60 years spanning 3 generations, we are not your average box-moving retailer. Sales and installation, we do the hard work so you can relax & enjoy your hot water.


AquaMAX was established in 1988 a..
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