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Brand new from Brivis! Installed neatly and out-of-sight this sub roof evaporative cooler works by drawing fresh air in through its Icecap™ vent where they pass through the Hydrochill™ fins which cool the air through evaporation. Compared to refrigerated air conditioning the Iceberg is the cheaper, fresher and natural air option. The Icecap boasts the lowest profile housing made of colourfast and durable plastic.

– Brivis Climate Systems 

Brivis Iceberg Series

Models: XQ2, XQ4
Colours: Charcoal

Features :

  • Fine mesh screen
  • Inverta-Fan™
  • SynchroDrive pump
  • Acoustic cooling chamber
  • Trident PLUS water management system
  • Hydrochill
  • Evaporator Module
  • Motorised Winter Seal
  • Timer function
  • BAL