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The Brivis DualComfort whole of home Ducted Gas Heating and refrigerative cooling solution allows you to create that perfect feeling of comfort throughout your home. DualComfort™ provides both refreshing, refrigerated cooling, or comfy gas heating. The technologies used in the DualComfort™ heating and cooling solution combines a StarPro series Ducted Gas Heater with Brivis ICE™ and a Networker controller – and are a culmination of 50 years of Brivis heating and cooling experience in Australia.

With the DualComfort™ heating and cooling solution you can install both the gas heating and refrigerated cooling at the same time, or install just the heating first, ready for the cooling to be added in at a later date. Simple.

– Brivis Australia

Brivis DualComfort

Brivis ICE10 | Inverter
Cooling Capacity: 4.8-10.1kW
Efficiency Rating: 3.11 Star

Brivis ICE13 | Inverter
Cooling Capacity: 6.3-13.6kW
Efficiency Rating: 3.15 Star

Brivis ICE15 | Inverter
Cooling Capacity: 7.5-15.9kW
Efficiency Rating: 3.16 Star

Brivis ICE17 | Inverter
Cooling Capacity: 8.3-16.6kW
Efficiency Rating: 3.10 Star

Brivis ICE18 | Conventional
Cooling Capacity: 18.0kW
Efficiency Rating: 3.11 Star

Brivis ICE22 | Conventional
Cooling Capacity: 22.0kW
Efficiency Rating: 3.11 Star