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With large airflow and cooling pads, the Brivis Advance uses an uniquely designed AutoRefresh water management system and has a sloping trough which keeps the water constantly circulating through the system. It has the Brivis FreshStart operation fitted as standard.

The Brivis Advance Evaporative Cooler also has a variable speed fan allowing the cooler to run slowly when all you need is a gentle breeze to keep you cool

– Brivis Climate Systems

Brivis Advance Series

Models: F26D, F36D, F46D, F56F, F66D, F76D, F86D
Colours: Available in Charcoal, Terra Red & Beige

Features :

  • High efficiency cooling pads
  • WinterSeal
  • Extra airflow
  • EnduroDrive Motor
  • SyncroDrive Pump
  • Large Capacit
  • Water Management
  • Variable Speed
  • Sensor Auto
  • Timer